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Welcome to Into the Nexus, a Heroes of the Storm podcast. Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson will be taking you through the Nexus every week. Segments include news, strategies, and plenty of community interaction.

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When: Every Thursday at 8pm Eastern
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#212 - Into the Nexus: “Tempo Storm’ing”

The Nexus is in flux! Kala and psalm join this week to talk about what it's like coaching and playing for Tempo Storm, Hero League as pro-players, Fenix, how to grow Heroes esports, and much more. Garrett and Kyle also break down the latest patch and the many announced changes to the game. Cont...

#211 - Into the Nexus: “Stay Awhile and Listen”

Stay awhile and listen to two Blizzard nerds in disbelief of the fact that Diablo's own Deckard Cain is finally coming to the Nexus. Garrett and Kyle break down the kit of one of the most famous characters within Blizzard's games. They also talk about the new emphasis on lore from the Heroes team, an incoming Fenix nerf, what to do when your picks aren't meta, and give some advice on trying new supports. Cont...

#210 - Into the Nexus: “Order of the Fenix”

Kyle has returned and the ITN Archon has reformed just in time to die horribly to a dragoon. Fenix is live and kicking trash despite his launch nerf. Garrett and Kyle also break down the hero updates, the StarCraft Brawl, PAX East teasers, and the current meta. Cont...

#209 - Into the Nexus: “Many Patches”

There are many patches to deconstruct in the Nexus this week. Fenix is coming in hot, Tracer is changing, Varian is getting Heroics at level 4, and a whole slew of balance tweaks have already gone live. Garrett and Jeff Cannata talk through all this, tease some PAX announcements and more on the latest ITN! Cont...

#208 - Into the Nexus: “Here there be Dragoons”

The Heroes team thinks it's time to spread knowledge and class is now in session. Garrett and Kyle highlight the new focus on content and educational guides coming from the esports teams. The ITN duo also cover the announcement of the StarCraft Dragoon Fenix, HotSlogs joining ZAM, Sonya's hotfix, personal hero rosters, and more community emails. Cont...

#207 - Into the Nexus: “A Million Ways to Clash in the West”

The West is Clashing, Seasons are starting, and reworks are dropping in the Nexus this week. Kyle and Garrett talk about how the new Season is treating them, mental preparation, HGC reactions, and more. Cont...

#206 - Into the Nexus: “Redirecting the Spotlight”

The fanfare is shifting to reworks as new hero releases become more precious in the Nexus. Garrett and Kyle break down Sonya and Medivh's reworks, how the dust has settled since the last patch, Hanamura's future, and of course emails. Cont...

#204 - Into the Nexus: “The Gut Check”

Garrett and Kyle are back and it's the first quiet week the Nexus has had in a long time. Maev was nerfed the day after last week's show so now is as good a time as ever for a gut check about the state of the game. The ITN duo talk through the most cosistent heroes so far this season and take multiple emails. Cont...

#203 - Into the Nexus: “Tough Love”

New heroes are dropping, stealth nerfs are going live, and Into the Nexus is here to make sense of it all. Garrett and Kyle discuss the heavy impact Maeiv has had on the meta, the stealth nerfs that went live, maining heroes, and the rather fact-light post from the Heroes team about matchmaking issues. Cont...


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