#264 - The Angry Chicken: "Amara, Warden of zzzz..."

The balance changes are live! Dills and Joce duo-host this week's TAC, covering the APAC Playoffs and DreamHack Tours, as well as Dills giving his take on the nerfs. Joce and Dills then go over what is popular on the ladder after the nerfs, and of course, take more emails from the community.

#218 - Into the Nexus: "Expect the Unexpected"

Garrett may be on vacation, but the Nexus never rests. The impact of the Diablo Rework can be felt far and wide. This week Kyle Fergusson hosts with monthly guest Jeff Cannata as we dive deep into Nexomania, esports money, Strategies, Emails and more!

Embrace the Spoilers: Westworld - S2E05 Akane No Mai

Embrace the Spoilers is Amove.tv's spoiler-filled show. This time with Jocelyn Moffett and special guest Scott Johnson spoiling the fifth episode of Westworld's second season: Akane No Mai.

#120 - HeroesForge: "Hearthstone Map!"

“Welcome back!”


#58 - R2-T2: “New York Bound”

Happy Friday! God of War has been played and I'm flying to New York tomorrow! I'm very excited to visit some of the bars that have taught me how to make cocktails through their books. To help deal with my excitement I thought I'd share another cocktail I very much enjoy. Spec below! Cont…