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The Angry Chicken is a podcast that cracks 40 packs, throws down a 1/1 chicken w/ a +5 Enrage, all the while keeping you up to date on everything going on in the world of Hearthstone .  Each week the latest news, strategies, crazy game stories and your emails are covered. Garrett Weinzierl (StarCast), William "Dills" Gregory (The Instance), and Jocelyn Moffett (The Gamers' Inn) together host The Angry Chicken.

When: Every Tuesday at 4pm Eastern
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#271 - The Angry Chicken: “The Boomsday Project”

Grab your lab coats and protective eye wear because the Boomsday Project is coming to Hearthstone. On this week's Angry Chicken Garrett and Jocelyn break down everything we know about Hearthstone's upcoming expansion. Projects, magnetic mechs, Legendary spells, mad scientists, and more experiments gone awry are on the horizon. The duo also talk HCT Italy, the Midsummer Fire Festival, Cube Hunter, and more emails from the community. Cont…

#270 - The Angry Chicken: “Spectral Hair”

TAC is back, minions types are changing, and spectral bears are growing hair! On this week's Angry Chicken the trio talk about two giants becoming elementals, demonic satyrs, de-beast'ed moonkin, the HCT Summer Finals, Big Spell Mage, and much more! Cont…

#269 - The Angry Chicken: “Underdog Decks”

Tuesday means a new Angry Chicken! This week the trio preview the HCT Summer Championship and cover the Hearthstone team's new Tavern Talk forum posts. Also covered is the recent issues with matchmaking, the most unique decks being brought to the summer championship, and more stories and emails from the community. Cont…

#268 - The Angry Chicken: “Your cards are upside down”

The Angry Chicken is back for the most back-to-normal episode in awhile. With no big announcements or guests the TAC trio got to dig deep into the stacked rosters for the Hearthstone Global Games, DreamHack Summer, forecast the next expansion announcement, strategize about Recruit Hunter, and take a full set of stories and emails. Cont…

#267 - The Angry Chicken: “with Zalae!”

The Taverns of Time have come to Hearthstone and Zalae has come to The Angry Chicken! On this episode the TAC trio sit down with Zalae and pick his brain about playing Hearthstone competitively. They also cover free pack day, the Arena during Taverns of Time, Tess Greymane's reversion, and more listener emails. Cont…

#266 - The Angry Chicken: “Taverns of Time”

Happy Tuesday Hearthstone fans! A fresh episode of The Angry Chicken is here. Dills went to DreamHack, Jocelyn worked DreamHack, and Garrett watched DreamHack from the comfort of his couch. The trio talk the intense DH finals, that power outage, Even Shaman, as well as more game stories and emails. Cont…

#265 - The Angry Chicken: “Whispering Wisps”

The whole TAC crew is back! This week Garrett, Jocelyn, and Dills talk Team 5's hopes for the nerfs, Token Druid, a new Shudderwock Shaman, and of course more crazy game stories and emails. Cont…

#264 - The Angry Chicken: "Amara, Warden of zzzz..."

The balance changes are live! Dills and Joce duo-host this week's TAC, covering the APAC Playoffs and DreamHack Tours, as well as Dills giving his take on the nerfs. Joce and Dills then go over what is popular on the ladder after the nerfs, and of course, take more emails from the community.

#263 - The Angry Chicken: “Half Life”

The balance changes have been announced! Garrett and Joce duo-host this week's TAC and dig into what cards are getting hit with the nerf bat. Also this week Iksar weighed in on the lack of tournament beta features, qualifiers for the HCT Summer Championship kicked off, Justin Robert Young joined to talk Tempo Mage, and of course more emails from the community. Cont…

#262 - The Angry Chicken: “with Peter Whalen”

This week The Angry Chicken is joined by one of Hearthstone's game designers, Peter Whalen! Peter talks about creating Witchwood's set, how the team is gearing up for some balance changes, gives an update on the tournament beta, and shines a light on the balancing act that is Arena adjustments. The TAC trio also get into the nitty gritty of Iksar's recent comments about what Witchwood (and Wild) cards are being considered for nerfs. Cont…


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